Crypto Analysis

It appears that my portfolio is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Now I have to monitor it more closely than ever.

Today, we see a 10% changes in BNB. If it continue this way and close with an all-time-high record, I will need to swap to another currency for a day or two coz it gonna pull down for sure. 

As for the news, there are some but none of them is related to Binance so I won’t post it here.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the crypto market is expanding in general, there are generally good news everywhere and the technical is in an UP TREND.

So, if I need to make a move tomorrow.

The question is, what currency should I hold?

HOT, LINK and MATIC all seem to be good choices. These three coins are fairly new. MAITC is the youngest one. Most importantly, they are all in UP TREND and I am seeing RED CANDLE for today.

So what are these coins??

(images from CoinMarketCap)


It looks like MATIC has the lowest market cap which make it interesting but the candle chart from HOT is more attractive. LINK is the oldest and has a very large market cap so I will probably skip LINK.

It is inconclusive at the moment but HOT is probably the best candidate so far.